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    Arrive. Settle in. Feel at home.
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    Service that makes a difference.
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feeling at home abroad.

Welcome to your full-service relocation agency

be located: Martina Winter

To be able to focus on their work and goals and produce consistently good results, expatriates need a stress-free environment. Before this is the case, they have to overcome numerous major, minor and often very individual challenges: How do I find somewhere to live? What formalities do I have to take care of? What awaits me and my family in a foreign country?

This is where corporate and private clients all over the world benefit from our experience and expertise as a full-service relocation agency. Because we make sure you have time to concentrate on what's really important. We stand in line for you, preview apartments, take care of paperwork, help you understand German administrative and legal language and explain the oddities of German homes, such as why there is no air-conditioning or built-in kitchens. With our helpline, we're also there to assist you after your move-in date.

Let us help you transition smoothly into your new home and guarantee the long-term success of your foreign posting adventure. Benefit from our personalized service, intercultural skills and commitment to maximum efficiency. We work with foresight and a focus on services with a global network of excellent relocation partners, treating each assignment with maximum discretion.
We look forward to hearing from you and making you a customized offer!

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When we "meet" our clients, we don't mean just picking them up at the airport. Our goal is to address all their needs and requirements by offering a comprehensive, customized portfolio of services.

Knowing where you're going.

be located: Settling in / Knowing where you're going.

All expats are familiar with that feeling of apprehension: What lies ahead? Where will I find things? What will it feel like living there? We put your mind at rest with a carefully planned orientation tour. By showing you the different neighborhoods, you can find out about infrastructure and amenities and get a feel for your new home first-hand. We answer questions and help you make an informed decision. Even accompanying partners still daunted by the prospect of living abroad will soon be reassured.

What we offer:

  • Travel arrangements and personal airport pick-up
  • Personally accompanied orientation tour with information about your new home, different neighborhoods, schools and school and health facilities, leisure activities, shops, etc.
  • Information brochure with individual tips and important addresses

How to navigate German bureaucracy

be located: Settling in / How to navigate German bureaucracy

German bureaucracy can be challenging even for German nationals. Which authority needs which documents, and by when? How do tax offices, registration offices and road traffic offices work together? Expats face the additional task of having to find out about residence permits, work permits, or getting documents legalized.

We provide an orientation service and give you practical advice on dealing with the authorities. Leaving you to focus on the things that are really important.

Our services include:

  • Advising you about which residence permit you need
  • Preparing a detailed plan of action: Which authorities do you have to contact when and how?
  • Helping you apply for a visa, residence permit, work permit or permanent residence
  • Applying for a work permit from the Federal Employment Agency
  • Finding out if your foreign university degree is recognized in Germany and, if necessary, guiding you through the recognition procedure
  • Registering you with the resident's registration office
  • Helping you import and register a vehicle from your home country, organize a TÜV inspection, obtain an emissions sticker and residents parking permit
  • Helping you re-register your foreign driver's license, and, if necessary, enrolling you in a driving school, first-aid course, and eye test
  • Organizing translations
  • Helping you get documents legalized (e.g. apostilles) and submit formal declarations of obligation (Verpflichtungserklärung)
  • Applying for child benefit
  • Helping you bring pets into the country and obtain a pet license

How we turn four walls into somewhere you can call home

be located: Settling in / How we turn four walls into somewhere you can call home

Long-distance home search is not only an organizational challenge, it can also mean overcoming cultural differences and handling formal hurdles.

From the very beginning, we do our best to find the kind of home that meets your individual lifestyle needs, whether you're looking for a one-room studio, an apartment or an entire house. After narrowing down suitable options, we accompany you to property viewings. Once you have made your choice, we are happy to negotiate lease terms for you and check and translate your lease.

After you have signed the lease, we help you set up a rent deposit account and register you with utility providers (electricity, gas, water, radio/TV, telephone, internet). If required, we can also help you furnish your new home, coordinate the move and compile a personal "instruction manual" with all the information you need about your new home. We can even arrange for your fridge to be fully stocked when you arrive.

How we support you:

  • Detailed needs assessment
  • Shortlist of suitable properties with exposés
  • Scheduling of appointments and accompanied property viewings
  • Help negotiating lease and setting up a rent deposit account
  • Preparation of handover document with photographs
  • Search for temporary accommodation, such as furnished / serviced apartments or hotels
  • Registration with utility companies (electricity, gas, water, radio/TV, telephone, internet)
  • Help finding rental furniture and storage facilities
  • Recommendation of craftsmen, domestic helps and gardeners
  • Personalized welcome brochure

Childcare, schools, career: From day one only the very best for you and your family

be located: Settling in / Childcare, schools, career: From day one only the very best for you and your family

In many cases, moving to another country is not something an individual decides on his own, it also involves partners and/or children, who are either actively involved in the decision-making process or at least play a key role. Their well-being is always paramount: How can a partner's career develop? Will children receive an adequate education? And, of course, there are also personal matters, such as medical needs and budget, to consider.

We offer consistent, discrete support to all members of the family, enabling them to settle into their new home quickly and smoothly. And naturally, this also applies to the family pet.

As a family, you benefit from the following services:

  • School and kindergarten
    • List of appropriate schools, pre-school facilities and childcare options, and a search for availabilities
    • Accompanying you to school authorities or youth office
  • Language and intercultural training
    • Selection of language courses and enrolment
    • Selection of intercultural training course and enrolment
  • Health
    • Information about the German healthcare system, selection and registration with a private or statutory health insurance provider
    • Recommendations for doctors and clinics where foreign languages are spoken
    • Accompanying you to doctor’s appointment, if necessary
  • Finances
    • Help opening a bank account
    • Help determining insurance needs and submitting applications
    • Recommendation of tax advisors and specialist lawyers
  • Leisure
    • Information about different sports activities and social clubs
    • Help finding leisure activities for you and your children (sports, music, etc.)
    • Suggestions for cultural activities, excursions and trips
  • Pets
    • Help relocating pets
    • Applying for pet license

Service that makes a difference


Drawing on the experience and knowledge gained while working in an international environmental for over 25 years, Martina founded the relocation agency be located in 2013.

Strongly service-oriented and setting the bar high for herself and her partners, Martina and her team work hard to ensure that all aspects of foreign postings – inbound and outbound – are perfectly planned and executed.

"I lived in South Africa for many years, so I know about the challenges of being posted abroad and I understand the needs of clients. We see ourselves as hosts. Thanks to our personal touch, strong service orientation and patience, we are able to build bridges between different cultures."

be located's day-to-day business is all about finding flexible solutions for sometimes very specific requirements, treating every assignment with maximum discretion. Each member of the team is committed to delivering the same high standard of service, dedicating themselves to projects with passion and professionalism – and successfully so. To this date, not one single work or residence permit applications has been turned down!


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Identifying individual requirements, understanding complex backgrounds, finding the right moment for the right action – this is only possible thanks to many years of first-hand experience.


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A personal touch, open-mindedness and a genuine appreciation of different cultures – this is how we approach the wishes of our clients and act effectively in their best interest.


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Reliability inspires trust: Creativity and flexibility promote quick solutions that benefit our clients.


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We reply promptly, respond in a result-oriented way, and we perform reliably, competently and personally. Relax and let us get on with the rest.

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With our intuitive online tracking tool, you can check the status of your relocation in real time – also possible on smartphones or tablets.

Our philosophy

be located: Reliability


We make sure you settle into your new home competently and reliably: You will be assigned a personal consultant who will support you throughout your move.

be located: Individuality


We understand that each individual is different, which is why we offer a bespoke service package tailored to clients' personal needs, in keeping with both deadlines and budgets.

be located: Service


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services. We love our work, because service is our passion!

be assisted.

Find out how your company can benefit from professional relocation services.


Martina was a great help in my relocation to Germany. She was cooperative and knew the right string to pull in order to get the things done effectively and efficiently. I was surprised that she knew so many people in every office. She is soft spoken and cooperative. Besides helping me in relocation she was so open to answer my other questions and her help was extremely useful. I am thankful to my company that introduced me to such a help for relocation. I really recommend Martina's services for relocation and related activities.

- Paurush
be located: Paurush / Testimonial

Moving is never easy. Relocating to a foreign country where you do not speak the language is even harder.

Martina Winter from Be Located is an expert in the local requirements for German authorities providing services in: residence and work registration, opening bank accounts, obtaining a drivers license, and even searching for property. All of these services come with her personal touch that made my life in Cologne so much easier (I really loved the welcome to my new neighbourhood brochure when we found my apartment).

Martina is extremely reliable and was always contactable if I had any concerns. Martina's broad network of businesses across Cologne made adapting to my new city so much easier. I am so grateful that Martina was there to help me during every step of my relocation and I most definitely recommend her services to anyone moving to Cologne.

- Michael Papadimitrious
be located: Michael Papadimitrious / Testimonial

My wife and I moved to Dusseldorf from the UK and with Martina’s help and expertise we managed to settle here quite comfortably. She was involved in nearly every aspect of the moving process, either directly or through step by step guidance making the transition significantly smoother than we expected it would be. She works with a strong network of professionals providing all services and advice needed for a proper settlement and integration. We strongly recommend Martina.

- Ioan Kirilov
be located: Ioan Kirilov / Testimonial

Ms. Winter provided the peace of mind we needed when moving to Düsseldorf, Germany. She took the time to understand our questions and concerns and is always available for even the simplest questions. She is knowledgeable about all necessary permits, paperwork, etc. needed to reside in Germany and has shared so many valuable resources, such as neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping, doctors, services and activities for the children. She has taken all the stress out of our move and we are incredibly impressed and thankful we were able to work with her through this transition.

- Susie, from Chicago
be located: Susie, from Chicago / Testimonial be located: Susie, from Chicago / Testimonial

Martina of BE LOCATED is very precise on her job. I started as an apprentice in one of the german company. Later after a year, the company decided to take me onboard. Legitimacy of the professional papers am having is really in need of authentication. My current employer would probably have gone to a lot of stress to make my documents authenticated here in Germany without Martina’s expertise. Not only that, she helped me settle in with her very good approach and contacts on housing system as well in most of the regions of the country. Now I am one of those stress free expat living and working here in Dusseldorf. I would recommend “Be Located” to all my friends who want to settle down in Germany. Vielen Dank Martina. I am so blessed to have your support!

- Glen, from Philippines
be located: Glen, from Philippines / Testimonial

Be Located is very professional, staffs are very friendly and helpful. Be Located build for us the bridge between our old home and new home. We have a very young child so there are many things to consider. They always think one step forward for us, can find good solutions to problems. The company is very well organized and structured, they know Cologne inside out. We are happy that they always meet our needs. At the beginning my wife worried about a lot of things. Luckily Be Located is very reliable and professional, they care about their clients and sometimes even solve problems without involving us.

- Mr. Zhao, from China
be located: Mr. Zhao, from China / Testimonial be located: Mr. Zhao, from China / Testimonial

Martina Winter at Be Located is very attentive, highly responsive, and extremely organized. When I came to Germany from the United States, I knew nothing of the housing market and was unaware of what I had to do to complete my relocation to Cologne. Martina guided me through the entire relocation process, including providing me with housing options, helping me register with the city, and helping me sign up for utilities and insurance. Martina went above and beyond by prescreening apartments that fit my search criteria, acting as my representative with real estate agents and local government officials, and giving me her honest opinion of my choices. She always acted in my best interest and I had full confidence in her abilities. I am now settled into my new apartment and have everything I need to start enjoying my new overseas adventure. Thank you for everything Martina!

- Daniel H., United Nations Officer
be located: Daniel H., United Nations Officer / Testimonial be located: Daniel H., United Nations Officer / Testimonial

Moving to another country is not an easy step to take; nevertheless working with Be Located made all this procedure much easier. You listened and took seriously all my needs and considerations. You dealt with all the administrative burdens and support me to find a place to stay and the result was that I was feeling at home even before arriving.

Dear Martina, thank you very much for your support and your great work ethic!

- Maria, from Spain
be located: Maria, from Spain / Testimonial be located: Maria, from Spain / Testimonial

We moved in 2013 from Shanghai to Düsseldorf, with a very short timing. Martina Winter has been a tremendous support for us to ease our relocation, in particular in the fields of finding housing, dealing with the residence permit, and managing the different administrative paperworks. But more than that, her very kind approach makes our arrival in Germany very comfortable, with a real feeling to come home. I can't imagine how it would have been without her help. Thanks for all!

- David, from Shanghai
be located: David, from Shanghai / Testimonial

When I decided to move to Düsseldorf from the UK, I was unsure whether to pay a relocation service or try and do it myself. However, I am 110% satisfied with the service provided my Martina and the Be Located team. They went out of their way to help me, were very responsive to emails (even when Martina was on holiday), added a personal touch and made the move incredibly easy. Highly recommended organisation!

- Freddie, from Great Britain
be located: Freddie, from Great Britain / Testimonial

Martina at Be Located helped me find my apartment in Cologne and I am very happy with her service. She has good attention to detail and this meant that I was only looking at select apartments only that met almost all my requirements. We had a very ambitious deadline to find a place, and it helped very much that she was so prompt. Communication was always super and I could always pick up my phone and ring her, which helped speed up the process too. All in all, I am very satisfied with her service. I highly recommend Be Located for a easy relocation support.

- Ashin Shestra
be located: Ashin Shestra / Testimonial

It is a pleasure to work together with Martina Winter. She helped our employee to have a smooth and satisfying relocation to Germany. She works extremely professional, she is very reliable, keeps you up-to-date, gives you good advice and I always had the feeling that our employee and his family are in the right hands to have a great start in Germany. From registration, to finding a place to live up to finding a kindergarden, she has a good network and makes sure to find a quick and good solution. Martina is very service-oriented not only providing the best service to the relocation candidate but also to her customers. It is a pleasure to work together with her.

- Diana Fuß
be located: Diana Fuß / Testimonial