Success Stories

Success Stories


A few weeks for a new life

Sometimes, our work really is like a witness protection program – the only difference being that we don't have to keep our actions secret. We help you start a completely new life, dealing with accommodation and paperwork, introducing you to customs, and managing other administrative and legal matters on your behalf.

Here's one example: Although we know the procedures and can plan ahead and work with foresight, one spontaneous request from an IT company really put our skills to the test.

We were asked to help a Canadian specialist start working for a company within a very short time. He had been hired at short notice to support a team in an important long-term project and needed comprehensive relocation assistanceWe soon took care of all the necessary official procedures so that the employee was free to start work straight away. At the same time, we started seeking appropriate accommodation according to the client’s specifications and were soon able to present him with three suitable properties. Our plan had been to view the apartments with him in the first few days after his arrival so that he could then select the best property. Although it would have meant additional expenses, the client would have stayed in a hotel in the meantime. The client's reaction to our proposals both surprised and delighted us: "Please choose an apartment and get everything ready for me to move in. I trust you entirely."

So a short while later, our client moved into an apartment he had never seen before. He ended up living there happily for one-and-a-half years until his project finished.


When the Police called in the middle of the night...

When we speak of service, we mean just that. Our clients can always contact us if they need help – in an emergency, even in the middle of the night. On one occasion, we received an unexpected call from the police at midnight. Our client was unable to provide identification at the airport and the authorities were refusing to let him into the country. When we arrived at the airport with a copy of his passport, it turned out that our client's bag, which had contained all his papers, had been mistakenly taken by another passenger. The bags were returned to their rightful owners the following day – after our client had entered the country with a copy of his ID and spent a restful night in a hotel.